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Delivery Services

Vital-Pak Couriers
Same Day
Courier / Delivery / Messenger Services

On-Demand RUSH!
  Pick-Up / Delivery
Immediate Driver Dispatch
Direct Service - No Stops
90 Mile One Way Maximum
After 4PM? See "Vital-Pak After Hours" Below

 The Urgent-Pak
2 Hour
Pick-Up / Delivery
Within 2 Hours of Ready Time
90 Mile One Way Maximum

 The Standard-Pak
4 Hour
Pick-Up / Delivery
Within 4 Hours of Ready Time
120 Mile One Way Maximum

 The Econo-Pak
Same Day by 5 PM
Pick-Up / Delivery
140 Mile One Way Maximum

   The Hub-Pak
  $20 Flat Fee
Affordable Same Day
Pick-Up & Delivery
Guaranteed 60 Minute Delivery
Exclusively for Our Neighbors
All Pick-Ups & Deliveries must be made within
 "The Hub"  ††

(Service available M-F:8 AM-2 PM)

On-Demand RUSH!
Pick-Up / Delivery
Immediate Driver Dispatch

75 Mile One Way Maximum
(Package ready by 8 PM)

††   "The Hub" consists of the following West Suburb villages: Oak Brook, Oak Brook Terrace, Downers Grove, Elmhurst, Westmont, Hinsdale, Clarendon Hills, Darien, Lisle, Lombard, Westchester, Western Springs & Villa Park

Fee includes 2 boxes/flats, 50 lbs total max. Additional packages and weight will incur a surcharge.

Vital-Pak Couriers 
Additional Services
  Courier / Delivery / Messenger Services

The City-Pak
  "City Run"
To & From Downtown Chicago
All Day, All Night
"We've Made It Affordable"


Next Day Delivery By 10 AM
120 Mile One Way Maximum
(Package ready by 8PM the Night Before)

The Distance-Pak
Next Day Delivery By Noon
120 Mile Minimum / 400 Mile Maximum
(Package ready by 9 PM the Night Before)

The Hot-Pak
Our version of "Hot-Shot" Service
A Dedicated Driver is Sent Directly to Areas of the Midwest†††
120 Mile Minimum  - No Max
(Package ready by 9 PM)

Service Guidelines
Courier / Delivery / Messenger Services
  • Commercial & Residential
  • 2 Boxes/Flats Included in Base Fee - Additional boxes will incur a $2.25 per unit charge
  • 100 lbs. Total Weight Included in Base Fee - Additional weight will incur a unit charge of $.06 cents per lb.
  • Product insured up to $100 Declared Value - Additional Insurance Available for $1.25 per $100 increments

Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio

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